Meet the Author

Hello & lovely to meet all of you!

If you haven’t read it by now, my name is Chelsea Moore.  I’m the writer behind the insanity of this blog.  I sincerely hope you enjoy the stories you have read here, and hope to be able to continue sharing with you for quite some time.

I am a recent graduate of Wichita State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a minor in Communications. I also earned an Associate of Arts from Cowley County Community College in 2014. I wrote as an enjoyable outlet for a long time, but recently discovered it could be a long-term career possibility for me.  People warned me that writing is a difficult career path to follow successfully, but I say bring it on.

I’d like to tell you I intend to prove that theory wrong, but the truth is I just want to write.  If a fortune happens to roll in along with a book deal I will gladly accept, but mostly I want to make a living doing something I love.  I’d like to make a difference.  I want to prove that you CAN do what you love for a living.

What else? I am a Christian — non-denominational.  I guess I don’t think God plans on asking my label before letting me in.  I used to be the Children’s Church “Director” at Harvest Chapel in Wichita.  I love the kids.  What a joy to help them learn about the wonderful gifts we have been given and help them to share their own gifts with the world.  I stepped back about a year ago, and we left (that specific) church soon after.

I’ve been a girl scout for 15+ years.  It’s not something I think will ever go away.  I grew up with it, and it has become engraved in me.

I am a hobby-ist.  Basically that means I always have a project.  Sometimes I have five. My office always needs fixing.  I always need to make a trip to the store, and I always have multiple colors of paint in the house.  They span from fixing up the backyard to cataloging our vast movie collection on poker chips (it’s cooler than it sounds) and sidewalk art.

A few things you may hear about that may help you know me:


*I am a depression survivor. I have lived with the illness most of my life. About two years ago I began medication and therapy. My depression, and helping others survive theirs, has become a major part of my life. I am in constant search for alternate ways to improve my illness. I find the most important aspect of depression is the need to erase it’s stigma. That means I tend to discuss it with strangers quite frequently ***awkward***.

*I hate ritual and routine, but need it to survive

*Music makes EVERYTHING better

*Relationships matter, a lot. I’m not good at them, but I find that very important to fix.

*I read… a lot.

*I’ve seen like every movie ever (okay, exaggerate much).

*I exaggerate in massive quantities

*I ramble (sorry)

*I love to laugh and hate to cry… but manage to do both in healthy amounts.

*I change my hair a lot.  Its my best accessory

*I was raised on Adventures.  They are my life “fix it.”  They create memories, tighten bonds, and make for an EXCELLENT story… and after all, I’m just a storyteller.



That’s all for this story.

Let me know if I can help you write yours!

Until then,

Keep life an adventure!

Chelsea Moore, The Writer

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