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K (@2:30am): Hey sis!  I just nominated you for a liebster award!

me: WHAT!?  

Lets be honest.  I’ve got no idea what i said to her… but I was a little confused.  She’s usually in bed much earlier (to my knowledge) than 230, so I was concerned at first as to why she was up so late.  Once I got over that and realized she was just doing what I was doing… writing, I moved on.

What on EARTH is a lobster award?  

I researched and found it’s a “made-up” award.  I have no clue where or when it was made, or by who.  I do know that it is a “for us by us” award for novice bloggers (aka between 200-300 “followers”, fb included).  Basically, i take it as a way to show others that you appreciate their work… that you appreciate it so much you want to share them with others.  

Once you’ve been nominated… you get the opportunity to nominate 11 others (by linking them in your Liebster post).  All you have to do is answer the 11 questions your nominator gave you, & list questions for your nominees.  

Pretty easy.


I got this text last week, so you might ask what took me so long!?  Well, I can honestly say that I don’t really know too many blogs meeting the requirement.  Bloggers our size are usually in one of two pockets: advertise advertise advertise! get my name out there lets get  followers… or… i’m just kinda here, i post my stuff on fb or twitter maybe, but it really is okay if you don’t read.

I consider myself the latter, mostly.  There is nothing wrong with either pocket, in fact… part of me thinks i should try harder to have more followers, I hear you can actually make a living out of this! 🙂 What that means though, is that I don’t have 11 people to nominate 😦


So, this week I will find the remaining people & then post regarding my Liebster award.  I am honored that Kaela thought of me, and hope that I can give that same feeling to some other non-expecting blogger.

Good luck & happy blogging out there people!