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It was a GraveYard Smash!

It’s the song we ALL must listen to this week.  

Watch the original video to it, smile, and enjoy… 🙂


And, in case you are like me and actually want to know how to do the dance before your haunted party this weekend…

(I tried really hard to find an instructional video, but it seems there aren’t any!  Maybe somebody should make one. *hint. hint*)

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Books I’d Read, If I had time to Read

Most of you know that I’ve recently made the horribly wonderful decision to go back to school.  It’s time consuming, a ton of work, exhausting, and takes a lot of gasoline to do this.  It also inspires me.  It educates me.  It gives me tools for my trade, and it gives me some wonderful life experience that I am very grateful for.  Most of all, it lets me teach my kiddo that learning is important… and that it’s never too late to try… and that your dream is worth any amount of work you have to put into it.

Anyhow, back to this post.  😉

Basically, I’m a busy lady.  I LOVE to read.  In fact, in my (one and only) summer off, I read 25 books!  What can I say, I felt the need to catch up and I had some free time.  I needed to “catch up” because I stay pretty dang busy when I’m in class.  I have enough reading (textbooks, yay) during the school year, that I rarely have time for any extracurricular reading.

So.  Here’s the list.  The books I am anxiously awaiting a free weekend to read.  Some of them are fan-fiction.  Some of them are from authors you may not have heard of… and some of them are “classics” that everyone should read (but I am a little late to the read-a-holic game)





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7 Nights of Haunting (with the Family)

I love movies.

And music.

Today we are going to talk about movies.

I also love Halloween.  It might be my favorite holiday.  I am not certain, I really like most all holidays.  There is some debate amongst Christians whether or not this is appropriate.  I can honestly see their argument, but I think it all depends on the condition of the heart.

I cannot speak for you, of course, but my love of Halloween doesn’t stem from a love for Satan.  In fact, it’s the christ-like innocence that I am drawn to.  As a child Halloween is quite exciting!  Not for the love of evil, but the love of candy (and getting to dress up and pretend you are someone/thing else, and getting to scare the candy corn out of your little brother).  Along with these wonderful Halloween goodies, come some entertaining and enjoyable movies.

So often it can be difficult to find “family appropriate” movies.  Today I’d like to share with you a few of mine!  One or two of these might be debatable, but either I watched them as a kid or I have watched them with my little one without any ensuing nightmares.

note: my personal favorites will be marked + plus ***rating

***Night 1 of Haunting:  Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

It is noteworthy that my little brother had issues with this at a young age.  My little one wasn’t very fond of it either, but she was younger than 2.  For older kids this is appropriate.  I never had issue with it.

*Night 2 of Haunting: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

It’s an oldie but a goodie.  It was a little slow for Maggie last year, but she REALLY loved it this year.

**Night 3 of Haunting: The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion

This is one of my Hubby’s favorites.  I swear it was all we watched for perhaps a month!

***Night 4 of Haunting: Harry Potter Series (yes, I know that means more than one)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

The link is to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, because it is one of my favorites… but the whole series fits.  It is appropriate at most any age, and has the right amount of magic to be considered “Halloween”.

**Night 5 of Haunting: The Addams Family 

The Addams Family

It is a comical rendition of an old TV series.  The acting is phenomenal, and the comedy is appropriate. Though there is quite a bit of adult humor in this, I think most of it is excusable or would go “over the heads of” young children.  Plus: sequels!

+***Night 6 of Haunting: Harry Potter Series (yes, I know that means more than one)

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

This movie is wonderful.  It can also be difficult to find, but if you are able to find it… it is worth the effort.  Don Knotts plays a scaredy cat “reporter” who is talked into staying the night in the local Haunted Mansion.  –hilarious.

+***Night 7 of Haunting: The Legend of Sleepy Hallow

Legend of Sleepy Hallow

This is a hard one to find, but the best of all of them in my opinion.  This is the movie we watched every year after trick-or-treating.  It’s the right amount of spooky and cheesy for kids.  Wonderful.

 There are many other great Halloween movies that are family appropriate, but at some discretion… (or maybe they just wouldn’t fit on my list).  Check into them, they are some of our favorites!
**      Beetlejuice
+*** The Burbs
**      Scooby-Doo
*        Goosebumps
**      HalloweenTown
How about some real goodies that can wait ’till the kids go to sleep?  Or maybe your kids are older?  Or maybe you don’t have kids.  Either way, these are some great movies (either by my standards or by popular view) worth looking at!
***    Dracula
**      Dracula 2000 — not Gerhard’s best work, but it’s funny.  Was it supposed to be?
**      Sleepy Hollow
+*** House on Haunted Hill –Original
*** Rocky Horror Picture Show –lots of sexual content, not exactly the most “appropriate” movie ever, so expect this if you decide to watch
**   Scary Movie Series — I am not a huge fan, I find it gross at points actually, but some of the humor is quite good, and some of the movies are better than others… I’d skip the first movie personally
~ it might be noteworthy that I am not a fan of the modern “horror movie”, as you can plainly see.  I’m not a fan of gore or plainly “satanic” or “lets give the serial killer some ideas”, or just plain yucky movies (such as the new House on Haunted Hill, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, or Saw, or The Hills Have Eyes).  So, those won’t be on this list because I see little/no value to them.~
I’ll add more on as I see them, or add them in the comment section yourself!

What movies do you watch this time of year?