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The Weekly Adventure: #AdventureLives

My Gram was an amazing woman and a perfect grandmother. I know many of you think the same about your grandparents, and I know some of you wish you shared my enthusiasm regarding your own family. My story may be much like many others you have already heard before, but to me they are special. Isn’t that magical?

My Gram’s name was Judy. She had many admirable traits, and many frustrating ones. I didn’t see much of either of those sides until I was older. When I was younger I simply saw her as “Grandmother Willow”. Willow was not her name. Willow was her adventure name. When Grandmother Willow babysat we made memories. I began to thirst for adventure at a very young age. That thirst has not faded since her passing — actually, it’s grown. Adventures with Grandma Willow very rarely involved money, and always involved a smile, a “memory camera”, and a large imagination.

So, in her honor, I live my life in search of adventure. I must confess that I have yet to reach the Willow level. I believe she would be proud of me just because I searched, though. Even more so for creating my own adventures. My favorite adventure to date (post-Willow), involved a world-wide invitation to my virtual toga party. My then 2 year-old daughter was among those in attendance. Her physical presence was in the eyeglass store. My in-laws participated from home, and my parents checked in via camp ground. Even the dog dressed up. (I am immensely blessed to have a fun family.)


Some of my favorite adventures in life have been unexpected and unplanned, but I know how much my Gram put into planning my adventures. I would like to give my daughter that same experience. The adventures I share here with you each week will be new. They will likely be split between planned and unplanned. They will have pictures (if possible). They will be magnificent.

I’d love your help planning my next adventure.

Even more, I’d love your participation in one of our adventures! If you see something that inspires you, then please be inspired! Repeat my actions, or act on your own. If you have a blog, then write about it. If you don’t, then post in the comments, Tweet about it, or post about it elsewhere. Let’s show the world that advent is still out there.

(P.S., for the purposes of easy locating, lets use a hashtag, shall we? How about #TheWeeklyAdventure, &/or #AdventureLives)


I’ll see you all out on the trail!

❤ LaLa

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Farewell, On to the next Chapter

How does one say goodbye?

Cookies? Hugs? A long, well-thought out speech?


Luckily I will not have to know. Today I move on to my next chapter. You may have noticed my (long) absence. I have been constructing an “official” author page, creating content, and entering the fabulous world of social media. To top all of this off, I have been doing so under a pen name.

I’ve always thought I’d use a pen name. I’ve given many reasons and excuses; but when it comes down to it, it just feels right. My real name is a little forgettable, and the life of a fantasy/sci-fi/female empowered/ suicide stopping author should accompany a more fantastical name.

So, should you care to accompany me on this journey, I will be setting off on foot next Tuesday (April 25, 2017) from http://www.CeceMorgenstern.com

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.

If not, I wish you many happy moments, a life full of beautiful stories, and more adventures than you could wish for.

❤ Chels